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What Is Ransomware?

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important with the prevalence of ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that hackers design to exploit vulnerabilities within an infrastructure, hold data for “hostage” and demand compensation for its release usually in the form of Bitcoin. It works by encrypting documents across networks or an individual desktop and […]

The Basics of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Security Analysts

More and more businesses are becoming victims of cybercrime as the cyber threat landscape continues to expand. Stopping cyber criminals is a full-time job, and threat intelligence analysts employ a full toolset to prevent companies from being breached. Indicators of Compromise Analysts are trained to look for IoC’s or Indicators of compromise. Whenever someone does […]

Your Hardware Can No Longer Run Your “Must-Have” Software: Now What?

You don’t know what you would do without that specialized application or software suite your business has always depended on — but now it looks like you’ll have to figure it out. Many grand old programs of the past stop receiving updates at some point, either because their makers have moved on to other things […]

Is Your IT System HIPAA Compliant?

Medical Office HIPAA Compliance

Every organization has plenty of reason to safeguard its precious customer, client, and vendor data — but if your organization must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), then your entire future could hinge on how well your IT system protects sensitive financial and medical information. Failure to comply with […]

Data Remanence: Is It Putting Your Business At Risk?

Data Remanence

During the normal course of operations for any business or IT company, technology is often upgraded, replaced or reformatted. Residual data that can be recovered is called data remanence and can often expose sensitive company data. While security protocols require companies to properly delete files by wiping or even degaussing, it is also a good […]

Cyber Security’s Next Step

Cyber Security Internet of Things

Cybersecurity Should Protect Today, Prepare for Tomorrow Rarely a week goes by that we don’t hear about another cyber threat splashing headlines across the world. Given the complexities of this fast-paced, dynamic digital environment, keeping pace with the seemingly endless stream of threats can be both exhausting and intimidating, preventing you and your business from […]