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Are you considering moving to the cloud? It is a smart move for many businesses as there are plenty of benefits to cloud storage. Of course, with any big move, it’s important to plan it out ahead of time. It can be overwhelming moving all of your data so follow these five best tips for using the cloud.

  1. Understand the costs of the cloud. There are different levels and pricing structure for every cloud storage provider. It will benefit you to be absolutely clear on the costs and what is included, the bandwidth limitations and any additional costs you could incur.
  2. Determine what is critical and phase your move. It’s unnecessary to move everything at once. It’s best if you create a phased approach to moving your data to the cloud. Determine what is the most critical data or data you use on a regular basis. You don’t need to move that first (and maybe don’t want to) while you are still working out the procedure for the cloud. Taking your time, keeping critical data in a secure place and moving in phased approach will help make it easier for you and your team as you make the move.
  3. Backup your files. Migrating files can be tough and sometimes, things go wrong. So before you make the move on any files, make backups before you do so.
  4. Evaluate your file structure. Moving to the cloud gives you an excellent opportunity to do some housekeeping with your files. Do you really need all of the files you have? Do you need to update permission levels or archive old files? How can you declutter the structure and make it easy for your team to store and access data?
  5. Maintain an on-site copy of your data. Moving to the cloud may seem stressful or overwhelming to you. You can relieve the stress, fear and risk by keeping a local, on-site copy of your data. This can be an assurance that you can access your files, even if something goes wrong during migration or the internet goes down.

Cloud storage brings flexibility to your data management. It is secure, scalable and easy to use and your business can benefit from by making the switch. Find out more about cloud storage solutions and how GXA can support you here.

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