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When it comes to business strategy, most executives know to include operations, sales and marketing. But they miss a core component to their strategic initiatives and that is the IT department. Too many executives see IT as a support team when in fact when incorporated in key decisions, the IT department can be a key driver of strategic decisions and business growth.


IT must be a vital part of any business plan as the world becomes more technology based, data driven and interconnected through the internet. Here are some ways IT can develop and enhance strategic decisions.


From new products to expanding your reach, every key decision should be made with input from data and the IT can assist with retrieving and analyzing that data. IT can implement technology and strategy that will connect more data throughout the year so that decisions can be more thoughtful and impactful.


More and more customers and employees expect to be instantly connected today. How can your business increase the connections between you and your customers and your employees and their business needs? With the help of technology, of course! Involving IT in strategic decisions around how you connect with your team members and employees will help them to create plans and introduce new technology that meets your goals. Involving IT at the higher level means they will be able to build a plan and find the right technology that will meet your needs.

Sales & Marketing

More than ever before IT is a key component to sales and marketing strategy. Marketing is becoming more digital focused as buyers search online for solutions, interact with companies via social media and websites. IT will be able to provide input and advice on security measures, technological needs and software that can make your digital marketing efforts more successful.


When IT and operations departments work together to determine operations strategy, you will be able to use more automation, have fewer workflow issues and implement the correct processes and technological needs. The benefits of IT and operations creating a joint strategy means a more productive process at all levels.

Realizing IT is more than support staff and integrating it into all of your key business decisions will give you a competitive edge, create a more agile work environment and keep your business ahead of the curve.

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