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7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business Software and Hardware

Upgrade Computer Key Showing Business Software Update

Upgrading your businesses software and hardware on a regular basis is more than just a financial decision. Your technology tools impact all areas of your business, including the efficiency of your company. Even in an age when the primary focus is on cloud storage, maintaining upgraded hardware and software should be a primary concern for […]

Cloud Computing for the Modern Dallas Business

Given that cloud computing is one of the hottest terms in modern business, it is important for companies to understand what it means and the benefits it can bring. In simple terms, cloud computing means getting computing services delivered via the internet. Instead of buying hardware and installing software on their own machines, companies can […]

Proactive IT Support – The True Cost of Downtime

Today’s workplace is more complex and dynamic than ever before. Employees, armed with a myriad of devices and applications, demand IT support that is fast and dependable. Customers, short on time and with high expectations, will not tolerate downtime or slow service. They want convenience, reliability and a seamless interaction that addresses their needs. Accessing […]

Your Hardware Can No Longer Run Your “Must-Have” Software: Now What?

You don’t know what you would do without that specialized application or software suite your business has always depended on — but now it looks like you’ll have to figure it out. Many grand old programs of the past stop receiving updates at some point, either because their makers have moved on to other things […]

Do You Really Need a Backup Solution? (The Answer Is Yes)

Backing up is one of those terms that’s frequently thrown around in small and mid-sized business circles. If you do anything at all on a computer, there’s a good chance the thought of a “backup” has crossed your mind. There are plenty of different ways you can backup your data and plenty of different data […]

5 Signs Your Team Needs Cyber Security Training

A recent report showed that 33% of SMBs do not receive cyber security training. This is to be expected because many SMBs lack the resources to properly train their teams. But when you take into consideration the fact that a majority of breaches are due to human error, it becomes apparent that to protect their […]