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What Type of Cyber Security Solution Does Your Business Actually Need?

There is a lot of talk about cyber security these days. Almost every business knows the importance of it and yet, not all businesses have the proper protection against cyber attacks. It’s important that every business has cyber security protections, but also has the right cyber security protections.

Security Tips for Online Fundraising

Online fundraising efforts have become more popular over the last few years and nonprofit organizations are smart to take advantage of the ease of gathering support, sharing their cause and promoting donations. However, as more and more people become comfortable with online donations, security breaches are also becoming more common. This leaves room for concern […]

Integrating IT with Business Strategy

When it comes to business strategy, most executives know to include operations, sales and marketing. But they miss a core component to their strategic initiatives and that is the IT department. Too many executives see IT as a support team when in fact when incorporated in key decisions, the IT department can be a key driver […]

Security Alert: Data Protection

As most of you may know, many companies are dealing with an ever increasing number of computer infections due to cyber-attacks, malware and viruses. Companies like,,, and have all been affected.

The Dangers of HTML Attachments, Phishing, and URL Redirection

HTML email attachments have become one of the most popular method scammers can employ to obtain your information. These types of attachments continue to be a hurdle in email security because file extensions like .html and .doc can make it through spam filters.  This tells us that scammers are becoming more sophisticated with their phishing […]

Increasing Productivity with Skype for Business

We believe that the heart of productivity is great teamwork, and the heart of great teams is great communication. Productivity today is centered on conversations—sometimes a quick instant message or call, and sometimes a meeting planned in advance including voice, video and content sharing. At the heart of great teams is great communication We believe […]

3 Keys to Effective Network Management

Your company’s network is absolutely vital to the daily operations and success of your business. Whether you run a modest start-up or a company with a global reach, your key to it all is the network. Many companies put off implementing and securing the network because they fear the costs, they do not feel their […]