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GXA was recently awarded a grant for workforce development by the Skills Development Fund. The state-funded Skills Development Fund provides local customized training opportunities for Texas businesses and workers to increase skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce. Training providers can use grant funds for curriculum development, training materials, instructor certifications and training equipment additions or upgrades.

As the primary Skills Development Fund training provider, the college partners gain an enhanced ability to respond to the evolving needs of industry. Businesses gain a more highly trained workforce, workers upgrade their skills, and the economy of Texas strengthens as a whole.

The Texas Workforce Commission administers funding for the program which involves collaborations amount businesses, public community and technical colleges who serve as grantee training providers, the Workforce Development Boards and local economic development partners. For Fiscal Years 2016-2017, the Texas Workforce Commission provides access to $48 million in training dollars to support high-quality customized training projects statewide. During fiscal year 2016, TWC:

  • Awarded 43 Skills Development Fund grants totaling $26,730,404
  • Served 98 Texas businesses
  • Supported the creation of 3,942 new jobs
  • Upgraded the skills of 9,333 workers in existing jobs