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GXA Cares ‘Humanitarian Initiative’ sponsors 3-day Medical Camp that treats over 350 street children in the slums of Nairobi. From October 14th through the 16th, 350 street children from the slums of Nairobi were treated, fed and clothed by a medical camp sponsored by GXA. GXA’ president, George Makaye, traveled to Nairobi Kenya and partnered with Joy Divine Children’s organization to organize and facilitate this event.

George presented with mementos from members of Joy Divine orphanage.


Over 200,000 children in Kenya are forced to live in the streets as a result of poverty, abuse, torture, rape and abandonment. Street children face endless cruelties; their rights have been violated many times by their fellow street children and adults who are supposed to protect them. In some cases these children are subject to sexual exploitation in return for food or clothes. Sometimes, they are detained, abused and beaten by the community or police without reason. They scavenge and fight for rotten food from the rubbish heaps of restaurants or city trash dumps and sleep wherever they can find, under bridges, streets and office blocks. Because of lack of access to basic facilities, these children are unkempt, in tattered clothes and very dirty.

Many of the children, especially boys are substance abusers…glue sniffing and smoking marijuana is a way of life.  Sniffing glue or petrol helps them escape hunger, numb physical and emotional pain and glue is cheaper than food. As a result, several are malnourished, addicted to drugs and sometimes need special rehabilitation.

 Medical Team

A team of local doctors and medical professionals were engaged to attend to the street children with specific and general ailments. During the 3-day camp, free medical checkups, treatments and basic medicine were supplied. The children were primarily treated by first response medications used to treat several conditions including respiratory infections, coughs and colds, ringworms, malaria, eye infections etc. Some of the children who had advanced diseases were admitted to local hospitals for extended medical care.

Clothing Program

Through the GXA Cares Humanitarian Initiative, the street kids were also provided with clothes. With the rainy and cold season in full force, the children needed good warm clothes. We provided facilities, where  the children were able to bath, and groom before putting on a new set of good quality clothes. Any of their old tattered clothes were taken away and disposed.

Feeding Program

GXA also sponsored feeding of the street children who attended the medical camp. During the 3-day event all the children were provided with healthy food to eat. You could tell that several of the children had not had a decent meal for weeks.

A Team Effort

GXA engaged Joy Divine Children’s organization to organize and facilitate the event. With the assistance of several local youth volunteers and university students we were able to pull this off. Local doctors and medical staff were engaged to provide the necessary medical services to the street children. The Medical camp was held at K.A.G New Mathare Church located at the heart of the Nairobi slums.

“Every year, because of the faithfulness of our clients we are able to commit a portion of our profits to sponsoring and supporting those who are less fortunate locally and around the world” states company president George Makaye, “We understand that as a team, our responsibility goes beyond keeping our clients’ “IT lights on”. We have the responsibility to help make this world a better place for future generations. Our GXA Cares Initiatives namely Technological Empowerment, Humanitarian, Education and Medical help build a brighter future for our communities and the world we live in”

For more information on how you can participate or assist in these initiatives, contact [email protected].