On the morning of Saturday September 22, the GXA Cares ‘Technology Empowerment Initiative’ took a big step towards accomplishing one of its major goals of establishing new technology standards through two Kenyan organizations. GXA’ employees, accompanied by a few family members, partnered with MegaCARE Missions and convened at the MegaCARE Warehouse on the first official day of Fall and got a jump on the holiday season by delving into great work for a great cause. The team of about 10 people delegated out tasks from checking and testing computers, loading software, labeling packages, inventorying and loading pallets for the eventual shipment of computers and networking hardware that would be sent to Melchizedek Hospital as well as the Joy Divine Children’s home in Kenya. Melchizedek Hospital offers health services to corporate, non-governmental organizations, institutions and individuals in the Nairobi area of Kenya. More than just health care the facility offers hope to an area that has not historically had access to these life extending and lifesaving necessities.The Joy Divine Children’s was started in the year 2000 by Pastor Mary Muroki who felt a call and vision to alleviate human suffering and give service to the vulnerable. The home was started to address the problem of the ever increasing number of at risk children in the Kenyan streets and to essentially elevate the destitute children to meaningful, productive and worthy lifestyle by providing rehabilitation, education, health care and shelter. “This year, the GXA Team has worked hard, utilizing our skills and knowledge in IT to empower our clients and help them build stronger businesses” stated company president George Makaye, “Now we want to use the same knowledge and skills to empower those who are less fortunate and invest in their future through technology and education” The team had been receiving shipments for the project for nearly a month and had to utilize an additional suite as the number of boxes had overwhelmed the existing office space. The project was made possible through donations of equipment and funding from numerous sources throughout GXA’ clientele, including Lee Boquet, IT director at Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, who donated seven used computers and monitors. GXA also purchased 25 new computers, laptops and 30 monitors. With such substantial support, 45 computers and laptops, 40 monitors, and 5 servers, along with numerous other computer pieces were collected or purchased. The event marks the inaugural event of the overall GXA Cares Initiative, which will continue with other philanthropic efforts partnering with our clients as well as other philanthropic groups.  The overall goal of the GXA Cares Initiative is to empower less fortunate individuals, communities and non-profit organizations locally and internationally, by investing in their technology and providing educational support. Once the shipments arrive to their respective locations in Kenya, local IT contacts will install and set up the facilities.  Ongoing support will be provided to ensure that the donated IT investment is used to its maximum. For more information on how you can participate or assist in this project contact [email protected].   MORE PICTURES!!