GXA Is on a Mission to Protect Small Businesses in Texas

We are on a mission to serve and protect as many companies as we can from the the damage and losses caused by cyber attacks.

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Business leaders can’t defend their businesses if they don’t know how.

Most business leaders are operating in the dark when it comes to cybersecurity.

It’s time to bring your vulnerabilities to light so that your defenses can be strengthened.


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This kit was designed for you so you can stop feeling frustrated, stop ignoring problems, and save money with a new approach to IT security developed specifically for small businesses.

Free Checklist, Videos, and Consultation

GXA is committed to using technology as a force for good
in our communities.

We use our IT and Cybersecurity expertise to serve and protect businesses. We use our business to support charitable projects and change lives.

GXA is a security-first strategic IT partner
that serves and protects Texas-based businesses.

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Small businesses need cybersecurity help that is smart, loaded with value, and delivered seamlessly along with day-to-day IT management.

  • Large enterprise cybersecurity consultants are too expensive for small businesses
  • Large enterprise cybersecurity tools and technology are expensive and complex
  • Small businesses don’t have huge cybersecurity budgets and fully-staffed IT teams

At GXA, our mission is to properly educate our small business clients, partner with them to identify real security issues, and remediate those issues in accordance to their actual needs.

Our mission is NOT to goad executives into buying more products/services they don’t want or need by using fear tactics.

GXA makes it easy for small business leaders
to take control of IT and cybersecurity.

Here’s what our process looks like: 

  1. Free 30-Min ConsultationWe get to know the folks we are working with and learn what makes them tick and what their business is all about. Your business is unique and so are you. 
  2. Cybersecurity Gap AnalysisOur team of qualified professionals will meet with select members of your staff and perform a cybersecurity assessment for your organization.
  3. Produce Fast ResultsWe deliver and present an in-depth packet that includes a Cybersecurity Score, Compliance Report, Executive Summary, and 1-year Road Map of how we recommend implementing necessary changes. 
  4. Remediation – We help you take action on the issues discovered in the Gap Analysis to get your security and compliance where it needs to be, and we begin providing any ongoing support needed. 

Why is cybersecurity such a big issue for small business?

In most cases, cybercriminals want to steal your data for one simple reason: Money.

Just like you, they’re in the business of making money. To do that, they target businesses just like yours, find a way to access your network, and take your data hostage.

And when that happens you’ll have to pay the hackers money – cold hard money you’ve worked so hard to earn – just to get your data back.

This means that unless you can pay the bad guys what they want your business will grind to a halt. You will lose even more money. You could suffer reputational damage. You could go out of business.The list of negative consequences goes on and on.

That’s why we’re absolutely committed to helping small businesses fight to protect employees, customers, and intellectual property.

At GXA we have a plan
to keep Texas-based businesses safe.

We will identify your weak spots, propose steps to fix them, and give you the tools and training to keep cybercriminals away.

Because let’s face it: Times are tough. The last thing a small business needs right now is a cybersecurity attack. With all the current economic challenges you face, it’s hard enough to make sure your business stays healthy. It’s hard enough just to keep up with all of your tasks and responsibilities to the people you care about ….

So decide today to make THIS YEAR the year you took control of cybersecurity. The year you decided to run your business your way. Without the constant threat from criminals looking to do you harm.

You’ll show your employees, customers, and partners that you know how to handle cybersecurity and cement your reputation as a strong leader. And most importantly, THIS YEAR will be the year your business thrives – instead of having to pay some cybercriminal money you’ve worked too hard to lose.

Work with GXA to save money on security-first IT services.

Book 30 minutes with an expert to get answers to your questions.

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Book 30 Minutes with an Expert
to Get Answers to Your Questions

Let us answer your questions and begin building a relationship.

Cybercrime is a problem that government and law enforcement has been unable to prevent. So, it’s up to us in the business community to help each other … to make sure Texas small businesses not only survive, but thrive.    

At GXA we are committed to serving the most vulnerable targets – small businesses – by making sure our company is positioned to be the best security-first strategic IT partner possible.

We’re here to serve you!