The New GXA Giving Back Program

Refer a business for a free GXA cybersecurity assessment and we will GIVE BACK by donating $500 to United Way of Tarrant County.

Help us protect Texas based businesses from cyber crime.

Help us support charitable projects through United Way of Tarrant County.

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Business referrals must meet qualification criteria*

GXA is committed to using technology as a force for good
in our communities.

Every business you refer to GXA helps increase awareness and reduce risk of cyber crime.

Businesses We Serve

Every business you refer to GXA helps fund charity projects through United Way of Tarrant County.

Projects We Support

Every business you refer to GXA helps serve communities and change lives.

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Make a Referral

Business referrals must meet qualification criteria*

GXA makes it easy for you to do something good
for businesses and communities in Texas.

Here’s how it works:


Make a referral using our GIVING BACK app.


GXA will offer a free Cybersecurity consultation to the business you referred.


GXA will donate $500 to United Way of Tarrant County for every qualifying referral.*

Every referral you make helps us provide critical cybersecurity support to local businesses and expand our charitable reach.

Make a Referral

Business referrals must meet qualification criteria*

GXA is a security-first strategic IT partner
that serves and protects Texas-based businesses.

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Small businesses need cybersecurity help that is smart, loaded with value, and delivered seamlessly along with day-to-day IT management.

  • Large enterprise cybersecurity consultants are too expensive for small businesses
  • Large enterprise cybersecurity tools and technology are expensive and complex
  • Small businesses don’t have huge cybersecurity budgets and fully-staffed IT teams

At GXA, our mission is to properly educate our small business clients, partner with them to identify real security issues, and remediate those issues in accordance with their actual needs.

Our mission is NOT to goad executives into buying more products/services they don’t want or need by using fear tactics.

Make a Referral

Business referrals must meet qualification criteria*

Why is cybersecurity such a big issue for small business?

In most cases, cybercriminals want to steal your data for one simple reason: Money.

Just like any business, they’re in the business of making money. To do that, they target small businesses that typically have weak cybersecurity defenses, they find a way to access the network, and they take data hostage.

And when that happens companies have no choice but to pay the hackers money – cold hard money you’ve worked so hard to earn – just to get the data back.

So unless the bad guys get what they want, the business that suffered the attack will grind to a halt. And lose even more money. And suffer reputational damage. And possibly go out of business.

The list of negative consequences goes on and on.

That’s why we’re absolutely committed to helping small businesses fight to protect employees, customers, and intellectual property.

At GXA we have a plan
to keep Texas-based businesses safe.

We will identify weak spots, propose steps to fix them, and supply the tools and training to keep cybercriminals away.

Because let’s face it: Times are tough. The last thing a small business needs right now is a cybersecurity attack. With all the current economic challenges we’re facing, it’s hard enough to make sure a business stays healthy. It’s hard enough just to keep up with all of the tasks and responsibilities required to keep things afloat ….

So let’s decide today to make THIS YEAR the year we take control of cybersecurity. The year Texas small business owners were empowered to run their business without the constant threat from criminals looking to do our community harm.

Together, we can show small business employees, customers, and partners that we know how to handle cybersecurity and cement our business community’s reputation as strong and unwavering in the face of hostility.

And most importantly, THIS YEAR will be the year our business community thrives – instead of continuing to funnel money out of our community and into the hands of criminals.

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If you need help with Cybersecurity,
we’re here for you.

Book a 30-minute consultation with George Makaye.

*Qualification Criteria for Referrals:

  1. A “qualified referral” is defined as a referral that results in a scheduled meeting with the IT decision-maker of a Texas-based organization within 30 days of the referral submission through the GIVING BACK app.
  2. The referred organization must have a minimum of 15 users to be eligible for the Cybersecurity consultation and the subsequent donation to be made in their honor.