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Data Remanence: Is It Putting Your Business At Risk?

Data Remanence

During the normal course of operations for any business or IT company, technology is often upgraded, replaced or reformatted. Residual data that can be recovered is called data remanence and can often expose sensitive company data. While security protocols require companies to properly delete files by wiping or even degaussing, it is also a good […]

Cyber Security’s Next Step

Cyber Security Internet of Things

Cybersecurity Should Protect Today, Prepare for Tomorrow Rarely a week goes by that we don’t hear about another cyber threat splashing headlines across the world. Given the complexities of this fast-paced, dynamic digital environment, keeping pace with the seemingly endless stream of threats can be both exhausting and intimidating, preventing you and your business from […]

Are Your Backups Secured Against Ransomware?

Attacks on company networks and infrastructure are increasing every year, and the most popular weapon right now is through ransomware. Antivirus software used to be enough to protect your computer, but with hackers targeting the intrinsic value of company data, you need a new defensive plan to ensure that your data stays safe. Endpoint Protection […]