The world is moving more quickly than ever, and somehow the business world is supposed to keep an even faster pace. This can make it difficult to make time for seemingly frivolous things like IT in our bustling economic landscape. That little pop-up box that springs onto your screen every week reminding you to update your laptop to that new operating system goes ignored for months because there’s simply no time to reboot when you need to get to work. We get it: technology, as wonderful as it is, is also easy to neglect. There are many warning signs that your business may be in desperate need of some IT consulting to get its tech back in the fast lane, but here are five of the most common:  

1.      Communications break down too often

Did you or one of your colleagues miss another important memo? Did you lose track of an email or important file in the cloud thanks to some odd hardware idiosyncrasy that happens a little more than it should? Communication is one of the most important factors in the success of businesses of any size, and with our increasing dependence on technology, communications breakdowns may be a symptom of struggling IT.

2.      Employees avoid technology

If you sit down at your desk every morning and dread dealing with workplace technology, there might be something wrong with your IT services. Whether it’s slow and clunky hardware that should have stayed in the 90s where it belonged or an unwieldy and ugly database or similar program, bad technology can ruin an otherwise fun day, week, or career. Working with IT consulting to create a digital environment that employees find intuitive and enjoyable is a great investment in the future of your business.

3.      Misplaced data hinders productivity

If your workplace is still stuck in the days before cloud storage and real-time data backups, you’re missing out. Transferring data via email, thumb drive, or even paper copies is slow, faulty, and inefficient compared to newer and smoother methods. IT consulting can help your business set up cloud storage services and learn to work with cutting edge software that will get the most out of your collaborative environment.

4.      Your hardware is lagging behind

Unless the nature of your work demands cutting edge hardware, it’s not necessary to have the very latest in hardware, but the machines you work with day in and day out do need to be able to handle the requirements of modern business. If every desk is home to a computer that takes up half the desk and takes half an hour to start up on Monday mornings, it’s probably time to upgrade.  

5.      You have a staff of amateur technicians

One of the telltale signs of a business that’s badly in need of IT consulting is an office where everyone’s so intimately familiar with daily IT pitfalls that there’s “a guy” to call on for every situation that arises. Watching a team barely keep the office’s technology working is like watching sailors continually bail water out of a sinking ship.   If your business exhibits any combination of these signs, it’s probably time to talk to the IT consultants here at GXA and see what an investment in IT consulting can do for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!