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GXA Announces ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Upon completion of an extensive quality system evaluation, GXA finally achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification on the 10th of January, 2019. This globally recognized certification of quality management system standards is in full alignment with GXA’s commitment to delivering best-in-class IT and Security services to our clients while using our resources to empower the next […]

GXA Vice President, Alicia Makaye, Among 2019 Minority Business Leader Award Honorees

2019 minority business award winner

We’re proud to announce that GXA Vice President, Alicia Makaye, is among the 2019 Minority Business Leader Award Honorees. Each year, the Dallas Business Journal’s Minority Business Leaders Awards seek to honor men and women from across North Texas for outstanding business and community leadership. Alicia was selected for her impressive track record in the […]

IT Company Helps Local Church in Time of Crisis

Dallas-based Mega-Church recovers from data failure – and increases nationwide flock – by putting stock in critical IT strategy. Covenant Church is a Dallas-based Mega-Church with nearly half a dozen fully packed campuses dotting the Southwest, plus numerous partnerships around the country. Its blockbuster popularity is, in part, due to the cohesiveness of the church’s […]

How Small Businesses Protect Their Data

Backup & Disaster Recovery: Protecting Your Company’s Digital Assets Organizations leverage data and record keeping at all levels of their organization. Today’s business world demands that companies collect, generate and analyze massive data sets on a daily basis. They use this information to understand more about their operations and use data-driven decision making to optimize […]

Cyber Security for Dallas Businesses

Personal files are encrypted

The myths around cybercrime are common: “Hackers don’t bother with small businesses.” “A virus is a nuisance but we can take that risk.” “We’d cope with a data breach so it’s not worth putting precious resources into preventing it.” Those myths are wrong. And those myths are dangerous. Take ransomware: it’s often that only the […]

Cloud Computing for the Modern Dallas Business

Given that cloud computing is one of the hottest terms in modern business, it is important for companies to understand what it means and the benefits it can bring. In simple terms, cloud computing means getting computing services delivered via the internet. Instead of buying hardware and installing software on their own machines, companies can […]

Proactive IT Support – The True Cost of Downtime

Today’s workplace is more complex and dynamic than ever before. Employees, armed with a myriad of devices and applications, demand IT support that is fast and dependable. Customers, short on time and with high expectations, will not tolerate downtime or slow service. They want convenience, reliability and a seamless interaction that addresses their needs. Accessing […]

What Makes a “Best Dallas IT Company”? To Many It Means Providing More Than Just IT

While doing IT well is an essential part of being one of the top IT companies in any area, just being good at IT cannot make a provider the best Dallas IT company. The top IT companies in Dallas all offer excellent IT support, cybersecurity, data backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, and can help their […]