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One of the biggest struggles for small businesses owners is trying to wear many hats. Frequently in small businesses, the owner will handle everything from marketing to human resources to accounting to IT.

It may be overwhelming but with the internet, you can find the best resources to help you manage your business and even grow it. Trust your technology tips to the experts here at GXA. Here are four tech tips that can help your small business run efficiently and grow steadily.

1. Go mobile
You’re probably already using mobile devices to help run your business, like your smartphone or tablet. But always be on the lookout for apps and services that have a mobile component. Mobile devices keep you connected with your team, allow you to operate your business on the go and helps you avoid missed opportunities. Mobile response time will also help increase customer satisfaction.

2. Use the cloud
Even if you just start off with a simple Dropbox account, the Cloud is a powerful tech tool for small businesses. You can easily access files when you need them and keep your entire team connected, even if you are working with remote workers or freelancers.

3. Manage data
The sooner you begin collecting and managing your data, the stronger you will be down the road. This can be anything from customer contacts to Google analytics. The bottom line is that data is important and even if you are a brand new business and just starting off, you can start collecting, managing and using your data for business growth.

4. Invest in technology when it’s necessary
Bootstrapping is necessary for many small businesses. However, at some point investing in the proper tools will help you go to the next level of your business. For instance, cybersecurity is a protection that is worthy of being an initial investment for your business. This one investment can save you from massive costs down the line.

When it comes to technology for your business, it does not pay to cut corners or be slow to invest. Build a strong infrastructure from the beginning so you can avoid paying the price of slow websites, unmanageable data or security hacks. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, we suggest investing in a managed service provider or expert who can help stabilize end improve your technology so that your business continues to evolve.