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How To Choose the Right Software Vendor

The right software can make running your business easier and more streamlined. But the wrong software can cause massive headaches, delay projects and cost you precious budget dollars. It’s important to take the time to find the right software vendor. Don’t just sign up with whoever gives you the lowest price. Instead follow these guidelines […]

Security Tips for Online Fundraising

Online fundraising efforts have become more popular over the last few years and nonprofit organizations are smart to take advantage of the ease of gathering support, sharing their cause and promoting donations. However, as more and more people become comfortable with online donations, security breaches are also becoming more common. This leaves room for concern […]

Integrating IT with Business Strategy

When it comes to business strategy, most executives know to include operations, sales and marketing. But they miss a core component to their strategic initiatives and that is the IT department. Too many executives see IT as a support team when in fact when incorporated in key decisions, the IT department can be a key driver […]