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Staying Secure in a Digital World: Lessons from the Supply Chain Cyber Attack on U.S. Credit Unions

Supply Chain Cyber Attaclk

The importance of cybersecurity for small and medium-sized businesses In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become a crucial concern for businesses of all sizes. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not immune to cyber threats, and in some cases, they may be even more vulnerable due to limited resources and expertise in security measures. This […]

Female Co-Founder Takes the Helm of Fast-growing Dallas-Fort Worth IT Company

(RICHARDSON, TX – March 18, 2021) – All over the world, women are leading the way. That theme carries over into Texas, too, where Dr. Alicia Makaye, Ph.D., has assumed the role of President and CEO of GXA, an IT company she co-founded with her business partner and spouse, George Makaye. George Makaye has stepped […]

Join GXA for a Ribbon Cutting & Open House at Our New Offices on Renner Parkway


Boxes are unpacked. Our offices are looking great. And all operations are running smoothly after the big move to our new headquarters at 269 Renner Parkway in Richardson in October 2019. We’d love for you to come out and take a tour of our expansive new offices. We have double the room and all sorts […]

Business Growth Prompts GXA Network Solutions’ Relocation and Name Change

Alicia M

GXA Networks Solutions announces relocation & name change to accommodate for business growth. Relocation to 269 W. Renner Pkwy, Richardson, TX 75080 is scheduled for October 1, 2019. GXA Network Solutions renamed to GXA to reflect the expanding service offerings to their client base. GXA is no longer just a network solutions organization but has […]

Security Alert: Data Protection

As most of you may know, many companies are dealing with an ever increasing number of computer infections due to cyber-attacks, malware and viruses. Companies like,,, and have all been affected.

The Dangers of HTML Attachments, Phishing, and URL Redirection

HTML email attachments have become one of the most popular method scammers can employ to obtain your information. These types of attachments continue to be a hurdle in email security because file extensions like .html and .doc can make it through spam filters.  This tells us that scammers are becoming more sophisticated with their phishing […]

The Keys to a Successful Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office 365 Migration is now getting more attention than ever. If you want to get the most out of Microsoft Office 365 Migration, you’ll need to do your research so that you know exactly what you are up against. It’s important that you do not make poor decisions about the actual migration since they […]

3 Keys to Effective Network Management

Your company’s network is absolutely vital to the daily operations and success of your business. Whether you run a modest start-up or a company with a global reach, your key to it all is the network. Many companies put off implementing and securing the network because they fear the costs, they do not feel their […]