Cybersecurity Awareness Event
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We had the pleasure to host the “WLT Cybersecurity Awareness Event” with other talented professionals in the cybersecurity industry. Some topics that were covered include ransomware vs phishing attacks, cybersecurity for small businesses, how to have proper web security at home, and so much more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to access this wealth of knowledge! This panel is definitely worth the listen, as it can strengthen your cybersecurity infrastructure.

There were many helpful takeaways from the event, but here are just some of the professional tips to consider when thinking about cybersecurity:

  • People are the leading cause of hackers’ ability to get into a network.
  • Increase security by limiting data access for different users.
  • Don’t click on the links in phishing emails.
  • Change your mindset to make sure you are taking security seriously.
  • Don’t tell people that you’re going on vacation! It can leave you vulnerable to a cyber attack.
  • Reach out to the FBI immediately to open a case if you’re targeted with ransomware.

If you have any questions teaming up with a managed service provider or a cybersecurity partner, contact us today. We’re happy to show you how we can streamline your processes and improve your overall productivity through better IT.