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With the technology world expanding and evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s important for businesses to learn how to keep up. Within a six month period, the face of the tech world could completely change. Nonprofit organizations are in a particular bind, as keeping up with IT can be an extreme challenge given their shoestring budget and limited staff. 

Without sacrificing their already limited bottom line, nonprofit organizations must find a way to streamline their IT processes. In this article, we’ll discuss how outsourced IT support for nonprofits can help streamline your processes.

What Makes Nonprofit IT Unique?

There are a few key factors that make nonprofit IT unique when compared to other industries. Because nonprofits are driven by a mission rather than profits, this can lead them to sacrifice extra costs. IT is normally one of those first to go. In addition, many nonprofits rely on volunteer staff which can lead to some inconsistencies and a lack of technical expertise.

What Problems Are Nonprofit Organizations Facing When it Comes to Technology?

Because nonprofit organizations have a different operating model than other businesses, they experience different challenges. Some of these challenges include:

  • Tight Budget: IT projects aren’t usually prioritized because of budget limitations, which can lead to increased cybersecurity risks or technological disadvantages.
  • Inexperienced or Reduced Staff: Nonprofits can often be short-staffed, or dependent on volunteer support, which can make it difficult to find individuals with the time and knowledge to manage IT projects properly. 
  • Out-of-Date Technology: Because of an already limited budget, acquiring resources like new computers or hardware often isn’t a possibility. 

Outsourced IT Support for Nonprofits Can Benefit Your Organization

If you’re a nonprofit organization struggling to keep up with IT, consider some of the following benefits that come with outsourcing your IT: 

  • IT Solutions on Your Budget: When you outsource your IT, you can save your organization money by not having to hire full-time staff or invest in expensive equipment. They can work with your tech budget and help you maximize value.
  • Flexibility: Outsourcing IT gives you the flexibility to scale up or down as needed, which can be helpful if your budget is unpredictable.
  • Expertise: When you hire a managed IT service provider, you gain access to a team of experts who can help you with all of your technology needs.
  • Peace of Mind: With a technology partner, you can focus on your mission and leave the details to them. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data and systems are in good hands.
  • Improved Security: Hiring an IT professional can also lead to improved security. When you outsource, you can take advantage of the latest security technologies and procedures to keep your cybersecurity infrastructure up-to-date.

Let GXA Help You Streamline Your Business Processes

GXA is a leading provider of managed IT support for nonprofits. We have a team of experts who are familiar with the unique IT needs of nonprofits. We can help your nonprofit assess its IT needs and streamline where you need to. Contact us today for a free consultation.