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How Does Cloud Computing Work and Why is it Effective for Businesses?

small squares with clouds on them, representing cloud computing

Few things are more important to the overall success of a business than properly using technology. And today more than ever, businesses are taking to the clouds—no, not for weather forecasting, but for their technology needs. Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies operate, providing a flexible and efficient solution to manage data and applications.  […]

6 Dallas IT Services That Will Allow Your Businesses to Outperform Competitors

professionals working in office utilizing IT services

Leveraging advanced technology and efficient IT services is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. Implementing the right IT solutions can significantly enhance productivity, streamline operations, and drive business growth.  This article will explore six essential Dallas IT services that have proven to help businesses become more efficient and outperform their competitors.  1. Managed IT […]

There is no “I” in IT Support – Alicia Makeye’s Inspirational Rise to CEO

Dr. Alicia Makaye is a woman with infectious energy, passion, and transparency. In a recent episode, she shared her journey as a successful business leader in North Texas. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Richardson-based GXA, Dr. Makaye has parlayed her Air Force experience into building a thriving business in the male-dominated tech industry. During […]

What Advantages Can Managed Network Security Services Provide to My Business?

close up of motherboard used for managed network security services

This past year, we saw a continued increase in devastating cyber attacks aimed at businesses. In 2022 alone, we saw nearly 1 billion emails exposed, with each breach costing businesses an average of $4.35 million dollars. With such high stakes and no sign of criminals slowing down, businesses need to start taking measures to protect […]

ICYMI: Next Level Business Time in Honor of Black History Month featured Alicia Makaye,PhD – Podcast Recap

Veterans Women’s Enterprise Center kicked off the “Tuesdays@9: Next Level Business Time” podcast series Tuesday, February 14th with a candid conversation which featured Alicia Makaye, Ph.D. Watch the recap below! Dr. Alicia Makaye is the President and CEO of GXA, a Dallas-Fort Worth IT solutions provider co-founded with her spouse in 2004. As a U.S. […]

President and CEO Alicia Makaye Ph.D  is a Keynote Speaker for WIT @ Innotech on April 19th

If you’re looking for an experience to be inspired, don’t miss out on the privilege to hear from President and CEO of GXA, Alicia Makaye Ph.D. She has been selected to be a keynote speaker for WIT @ Innotech. Her presentation is entitled, “Unapologetic Success.” She’ll discuss a captivating topic regarding what it’s like being […]

7 Reasons Why Conducting Cyber Security Staff Training Within Your Organization is Beneficial

two male coworkers going through cyber security staff training on laptop at desk in office

Since the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen an influx of businesses offering the ability for their employees to work remotely. With this change, many companies have noticed that COVID isn’t the only virus running rampant. Since the time when many businesses shut down and workers were sent home, we have seen nearly […]