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Increasing Productivity with Skype for Business

We believe that the heart of productivity is great teamwork, and the heart of great teams is great communication. Productivity today is centered on conversations—sometimes a quick instant message or call, and sometimes a meeting planned in advance including voice, video and content sharing. At the heart of great teams is great communication We believe […]

2015 Community Outreach: Allen, Texas

On Tuesday and Wednesday, this week, our company participated in the Christmas toy/gift sorting event with Allen Community Outreach. We also distributed the gifts to the families on Thursday. This effort was made possible by the community of Allen, which started donating $57 $57 to Allen Community Outreach in honor of the team’s historic 57-game […]

The Keys to a Successful Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office 365 Migration is now getting more attention than ever. If you want to get the most out of Microsoft Office 365 Migration, you’ll need to do your research so that you know exactly what you are up against. It’s important that you do not make poor decisions about the actual migration since they […]

3 Keys to Effective Network Management

Your company’s network is absolutely vital to the daily operations and success of your business. Whether you run a modest start-up or a company with a global reach, your key to it all is the network. Many companies put off implementing and securing the network because they fear the costs, they do not feel their […]

3 Keys to a Successful VoIP Implementation

The difference between a small business owner loving their new VoIP system and hating it really boils down to how it was implemented. A poor implementation can cause all sorts of issues that range from choppy sound quality to unreliable service. Here are three keys to a successful VoIP implementation.

Client of the Month: American Steel & Aluminum Co

Congratulations to American Steel & Aluminum Co for being our Client of the Month for December! American Steel & Aluminum Company, Inc. was founded in 1967 with 3 employees, a small fabrication shop, and some big dreams for the future. Today, the company has over 70 employees located in our two fabrication facilities in Grand […]