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Mobile is a part of the business world and no matter what industry you are in, you or your team probably use a mobile device for business. While mobile phones and tablets make it easier to manage a business, they come with their own security vulnerabilities. It’s important that whether you have a bring your own device policy or you issue business only devices to your team, there are some measures you need to take to keep your mobile devices secure.

Have a Mobile Device Policy

If you are going to allow mobile devices for your business, you want to create a mobile device policy. This policy should outline what employees can and can not do on their mobile devices. It should outline important steps like required updates and password requirements. The policy should also outline clear guidelines for downloading documents or apps. Be certain to include how this policy will be enforced and what conditions are for a mobile device to be revoked.

If you have a BYOD policy, you still need a mobile device policy. There are only so many types of devices and operating systems that your IT department can support. Create a list of acceptable BYOD devices and outline the type of access the company has to these devices if they are being used for work.

Activate Remote Wipe

Whether an employee loses their phone, it is stolen or the employee is let go; you may need to wipe a company phone so that unauthorized personnel do not have access to it. Be certain your company devices have the option for remote wipe so that you can clear the device if it is lost or stolen.

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Assess Your Data

One of the biggest risk in using mobile devices is the vulnerability of data. Have clear policies on what type of data can be accessed on mobile devices. You may also want to encrypt data on mobile devices. Many mobile device management systems have this capability.  

Manage Mobile Devices

Mobile devices may not be necessary for every single one of your employees. Determine who really needs a mobile device and then keep track of who has which mobile device. You may want to periodically collect company mobile devices for updates or refreshes and to ensure that your policies are being followed.

Research Mobile Device Management Products

Mobile Device Management is a product or service that allows you to be manage your mobile devices. This type of software allows administrators to oversee mobile devices and often include application management, file synchronization and security tools. There are many options available on the market today for this type of product.

Mobile security is only going to become more important as mobile becomes more dominant and functional. It’s important you start protecting your business now while still allowing it to utilize the best technology in the marketplace.