man in a server room evaluating the servers
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man in a server room evaluating the servers

When it comes to managed IT services, there are a lot of providers to choose from. Managed providers for hosting and data backup have been the most utilized outsourcing companies since 2020. So, how do you know which one is right for your business? In this blog post, we’ll discuss helpful questions to ask when considering an MSP provider, to ensure you find a company best suited for your needs. 

What Kind of Services Are Available Through Your Company?

Right off the bat, one of the most important questions to ask is in regards to the services that are available through the managed IT service provider. After all, managed IT services can encompass a wide range of different tasks and responsibilities. 

For example, managed IT services may include help desk support, data backup and recovery, network monitoring and administration, security consulting, and more. It’s a good idea to verify that the services you’re hoping to request are offered.

How Much Are Monthly Fees?

Another topic to discuss with the provider is monthly fees. Managed IT service providers typically charge a flat monthly fee for their services. However, in order to budget for IT expenses, it’s helpful to find out exactly what’s included in this fee. For example, some managed IT services will charge extra for certain services such as data backup and recovery or 24/7 help desk support.

What Kind of References Do You Have?

When considering a company for managed IT services, it’s always a good idea to ask for references. This will allow you to get a better idea of the quality of services the provider offers. Furthermore, speaking with existing clients can also give you some insight into what it’s like to work with that IT solutions provider.

What Compliance Frameworks Do You Support?

If your business is subject to any compliance regulations (e.g., HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.), then it’s necessary to make sure that the IT solutions company you’re considering can support these compliance frameworks. Not all service providers are created equal in this regard, so it’s something worth asking about.

How Will You Help Me Build a Business Strategy?

A good managed IT service provider will be more than just a provider of specific services. They should also be able to help you build and implement an effective business strategy. This may include things like helping you develop a roadmap for your IT infrastructure, identifying areas where you can improve efficiency and reduce expenditures.

What Does the Contract Look Like?

Before signing on with an outsourced IT company, carefully review the contract. Make sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions involved. Paying close attention to any potentially problematic clauses or provisions will help you avoid unnecessary stress later.

How Will the MSP Improve My Efficiency?

One of the main benefits of working with a company that offers managed IT services is that they can help improve your efficiency. A good IT service provider will be able to take care of all tasks and responsibilities that are involved in managing your IT infrastructure. This frees up your time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

What Does Your Onboarding Process Look Like?

When signing on with a managed IT service provider, it’s important to make sure that their onboarding process is smooth and efficient. The last thing you want is to become overwhelmed during the transition period.

Why GXA is the Right Choice for IT Solutions

If you’re looking for a managed IT service provider that can help your business become more efficient, GXA is the right choice for you. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who are ready to help you with all of your IT needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.